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The best way to store and organize your photos… yes, it’s free

Say goodbye to the nightmare of running out of smartphone storage!!

All for the gram…

Selfies, babies, furry friends, your food, ootd, vacay, Tik Tok videos, vlogs, you name it; we live in an era of documenting everything and anything, the struggle comes when you get the second scariest message your phone can display, “you are running low on storage!” (the first and scariest would be, “no service available”).

Anyway choosing your pet’s perfect selfie so that you can erase the rest is not an easy decision. So, here is a solution that will help you store, organize and even edit your photos:

Google Photos is a lifesaving free app that can be accessed not only from your phone, but also from your computer or tablet. Yay! Now, if you already have a Gmail account you can access it and start saving your photos. The app is really easy to use and organizes your photos by date, location, and even groups them by face, so yes, you can group all of BAE’s pics so that they’re easy to find and ready for the gram.

The best part is that after you have uploaded your photos, even if not completely, you can select the option “Free Up Space” from the main menu, and the app will delete from your device all the photos that had been backed up.

Then Voilà your device’s storage will be free and ready to use...

I hope this info is helpful :)) Say cheese!!


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