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Never Stop Playing Dress Up!!

There are a lot of sales going on all around, and just a couple of days ago I found the cutest American Rag for Macy's pants. When you first see them, the soft and lightweight fabric combined with the design takes your mind directly to a paradise beach, and indeed they will be part of a perfect beach/summer outfit, but I had a different idea...

I went to Zara and got this gorgeous fringe suede crop top and a faux leather jacket (Out of stock now) with a ruffle detail that was actually on sale at am amazing price, the simple beachy style pants got overload with the fringe, ruffles, leather and lace up booties... talk about risky choices, I personally loved the result, you can check the pics and tell me what do you think...

Accessories and details are like fairy dust they will give you infinite options to wear your clothes in different ways and make them appropriate for different occasions and environments, aside from the obvious one.

Go wild with your imagination, remember that you don't need to expend thousands of dollars in clothes, your creativity is the key for a unique and amazing style.

Fashion are the options designers give you, Style is what you do with those options... Never stop playing dress up!!


Johana Flo

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